Tega Ajogun

The Brand Called You

How Do You See Yourself: The Brand Called ‘You’

Have you ever googled yourself? What came up? From the results you get, you can tell if your personal brand is on track or there is nothing professional about you online. Set alerts that tell you when your name is beginning to pop up more often, perhaps you could Google yourself twice a day in […]

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Work Life

Starting A Career In Digital Marketing? Read This!

I have had quite a number of people send me messages indicating their interest in starting a career in digital marketing , what to do and what certifications they need I have compiled a list of courses and websites that would help 1. Google Academy For Ads a. Google Ads (Sales, Display, Search & Video) […]

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Work Life

Stand For Something Or Stand For Nothing: On Being Socially Conscious, Rape & Violence Against Women

A lot has been happening in the Nigerian society, social issues have sprung up from rape to violence against women and everyone on social media has joined in the conversation. As a marketing and communications strategist, I sat down with some friends to discuss how our major Nigerian brands can play a large role in […]

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