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Spent my holiday binge-watching Netflix shows and Emily in Paris was definitely the first one to go up.

The Netflix original series “Emily in Paris” has taken the world by storm, captivating audiences with its charming depiction of a young American woman navigating the fashion industry in the City of Lights.

emily in paris

But the show’s impact goes beyond entertainment; it has also sparked a marketing frenzy, as brands and businesses look to capitalize on the show’s popularity.

As a marketing person, it was more of a love-hate watching for me, because every time, I am rolling my eyes at the absurdity of the whole marketing scenes portrayed (while hoping it was like that in real life)

So many marketing gaffes to point out like the lack of KPIs, lack of proper planning and strategizing, lack of back and forth with clients 😀, everyone loving her fantasy ideas, without showing her doing the actual work, launching a campaign immediately after the client pitch, while still having time to do fancy dinners and romantic strolls in Paris

Count me in for that life anytime, but digging under all the cringe, some tips stood out, which can come in useful in marketing

1. Power of Social Media Influencers: Emily’s success as a social media influencer had positive effect on some of the campaigns she ran.

2. Having a personal brand: Emily having a #personalbrand helped her win some clients. People knew and came to her with their brief, regardless of the agency she was working with at the time. A personal brand is very useful either as a career person or a business owner

Then thumbs up to McDonald’s and CurrentBody for the amazing awareness marketing and product placement they did with the show. I found myself googling CurrentBody while watching the show.

In conclusion, “Emily in Paris” has proven to be a marketing goldmine for a variety of industries, from luxury fashion to travel.

The show’s popularity has sparked a frenzy of collaborations and partnerships, giving fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of the show and experience a piece of “Emily’s Paris” for themselves.

If you have watched Emily in Paris, what was the most unrealistic marketing element in the show, what tips did you take away?

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