Facebook remarketing

The Magic Of Facebook Remarketing

Have you ever spoken to your Mum or Grandma and found that they are mystified by the way that the adverts they’ve seen online manage to be directly relevant to them? To show them things that they have been actively looking for?

It’s not magic: it’s remarketing. And this is what makes it so powerful.

Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing leaves cookies on computers, thereby allowing advertisers to identify people who have visited their pages before and thereby show them products that they are highly likely to be interested in.

The best part about this, is that it lets you potentially market to people who thought of buying something and then became distracted. But that is just one way to use it…

Other Forms of Remarketing

For example, did you know that you could use remarketing in order to build your engagement and brand visibility? Showing an ad to someone who has been to your site and come close to buying is not only a good way to sell, it’s also a good way to maintain engagement.

The more engaged someone is with your brand, the more likely they are to eventually buy something. The more familiar they are with your brand, the more likely they are to eventually buy something.

Look at it this way: if someone came up to you on the street who you had never met, and tried to sell you a product you’d never heard of for $1,000, you would likely say ‘no thank you’.

But if a person who you knew well offered to sell you their iPad, you may be more interested. You know they’re trustworthy, and you know iPads are renowned for being well made.

This is why so many companies spend a huge amount of money on advertising aimed at creating brand awareness. While you might not be able to mimic that though, what you can do, is to keep showing your product to people until it feels familiar, and they are more comfortable buying it.

Likewise, remarketing can also be used in other ways. For instance, you can use a customer list (such as a pre-made mailing list) to sell to your mailing list. Again, this means that you’re re-contacting people who have already shown an interest in your brand. To have signed up for a mailing list, they must at least have some interest in what you’re doing.

Sell to that person, and if you catch them on the right day – they might just buy.

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