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Increasing Sales With A Strong Call To Action

#DidYouKnow Having a creative Call to Action (CTA) lets visitors to your page know what action to take and increases conversions? So you post a picture, add a caption and then what? What action do you want them to take after seeing your post?

For example, selling on Instagram may limit your use of CTAs since we do not have clickable links in posts … yet. However, we have the ‘link in bio’ right and loads of link platforms like Linktree you can us for your page.

So with Instagram, there are 3 ways to create a strong CTA that will help you convert easily.

1. Non-link call to action i.e You tell your audience what you need them to do, probably visit your offline store and get 50%, ask them to send a DM etc. However, this style can not be tracked and would most likely not convert except you offer them something.

2. Link call to action in your bio, link. This is the most popular one, you add a caption with a strong CTA and use that caption to direct people to the bio.

3. Run ads. Instagram ads comes with a button just right under your image. That makes it easier for people to read and click straight up. It is also very easy to track how many links you have gotten and if they actually convert.

Always find a way to incorporate a catchy CTA and see how your sales figure go up

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