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[Tips] 4 Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Email List

[Tips] 4 Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Email List

So I don’t know if you have noticed how you have a super engaged email list, but you don’t seem to make any sales. I have also heard some people say email marketing is dead, because they spend and yet get nothing is return.

That can be very annoying and I have been there before, actually I was there for a very long time and decided to take a break because it seems I made sales only in trickles after putting my all in it.

This happens because list building is one of the things that a lot of businesses aren’t using to its fullest – or don’t know how to use.

People will invest a lot more into social media or SEO typically, despite the fact that e-mail marketing is what most bloggers and gurus say makes them the most money. The problem is, a lot of us just don’t know how to go about it.

So they make mistakes, and don’t view email marketing as such an important part of their strategy.

Here are a few things to avoid then if you want to get the most from your list building:

A. Giving too much – If people make too much out of your ‘incentive’ then people will sign up to your mailing list just to get ‘free stuff’. This then means they may not be particularly interested in what you’re actually saying in your messages!

B. Not promoting your list enough – Like they say, a closed mouth is a closed destiny, lol, if you don’t tell anyone about your mailing list then you can’t expect people to sign up. You want to ensure that you mention your mailing list at every opportunity you get

C. Not providing value – If your mailing lists are just sales pitches then people will quickly get bored and unsubscribe from your list. Building the list in the first place is only half of the story!

D. No ‘free taste’ – Your blog posts should essentially serve as a ‘free taster’ for the kind of value you’ll be providing within your e-mails. People have to read your content and decide they want more of that. So make sure that what you publish is also really good or you won’t get sign ups!

Know any more useful tips that will help get the best out of any email list, please share below

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