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Consumer Profiling Is Key, Here’s Why

Consumer Profiling Is Key, Here’s Why

The thing is, for a brand to actually resonate well with the intended target market, you need to know EXACTLY who you are talking to i.e your TA can not be too broad. That way you know how they live daily, their income bracket, their pain points, their aspirations, their challenges etc

When coming up with a strategy, I always have slides called ‘Consumer Personas’, there I create a lookalike of an actual consumer. Based on these personas created, I can come up with strategies guaranteed to make impact and resonate.

Knowing all of these however can not be done without some form of research and data.

Why Is Consumer Profiling Important?

Consumers want personalized messages, personalized services, they want brands that cater to their needs and make them feel like the ‘kings’ they are. And the one way to gather insights needed to define your target audience is Consumer Profiling.

With the right insights, a ‘sweet spot’ for both the brand the consumer can easily gotten.

So before you start that campaign, research, dig into reasons why a consumer will want to use your brand, put yourself in their shoes and watch your campaign surpass those KPIs.

I did a sample below, let me know what you think.

Tega Edwin-Ajogun

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