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I am a data-focused marketing strategist with over 8 years in the game. I love to write about digital marketing, marketing strategies, making money online and personal finance.


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  • chatgpt notion AI bard

    ChatGPT vs Notion AI vs Google Bard: The Comparison You Need

    Two weeks ago, I decided to pay for ChatGPT so I could access the new GPT4 after seeing lots of amazing reviews about it. I paid for it and named mine Jogs4 (because, you know, Ajogun lol). So I put Jogs4 to use and for the first two days, it was extremely fast. I literally…

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  • OddBox: Buying Fruits & Saving Our Planet

    We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children Native American Proverb Since I moved to the UK, I noticed that a lot of start-ups like OddBox, Too Good To Go and Olio, provide solutions to problems on food which affect sustainability. This is reflective of a society that is climate…

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  • Emily in Paris

    Emily In Paris & Marketing

    Spent my holiday binge-watching Netflix shows and Emily in Paris was definitely the first one to go up. The Netflix original series “Emily in Paris” has taken the world by storm, captivating audiences with its charming depiction of a young American woman navigating the fashion industry in the City of Lights. But the show’s impact…

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  • Facebook remarketing

    The Magic Of Facebook Remarketing

    Have you ever spoken to your Mum or Grandma and found that they are mystified by the way that the adverts they’ve seen online manage to be directly relevant to them? To show them things that they have been actively looking for? It’s not magic: it’s remarketing. And this is what makes it so powerful.…

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  • Stay At Home Jobs

    5 Jobs You Can Do As A Stay At Home Mom In 2023

    Being a stay at home mom comes with no shortage of responsibilities, and the list grows if you’re trying to maintain a career at the same time. If you’re a mom and job searcher looking to work remotely, while being able to prepare the kids for school and keep the house tidy, these jobs are…

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  • Debt free 2023

    How To Stay Debt Free & Grow Wealth in 2023 As A UK Immigrant

    Maybe you have found yourself in a lot of credit card debt due to overspending. You might have hit the bottom of your barrel, but now, you can decide not to allow it to continue. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps, pay off your debt, rebuilt your savings account, and built your business to a…

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<strong>About Tega Ajogun</strong>
About Tega Ajogun

Oghenetega Ajogun is a data-focused, performance marketing expert focused on creating performance-based marketing campaigns, delivering high-level business insights while leveraging new media to deliver substantial revenue growth and have a huge impact on her client’s bottom-line.
With a track record of expanding company revenue and market share through performance-based marketing campaigns, delivering high-level business insights. She is also very passionate about impacting peoples lives and teaching in the digital space.
She has worked in multiple agencies and start-ups in Nigeria like SO&U, Wildfusions, Qlick Digital, Ringier Nigeria & Mdundo.com where she was the Senior Marketing Manager and she is currently the Strategic Marketing Manager at CIWEM, an independent professional body and a registered charity in the UK.
She is a TFAA 2020 nominee, Prize for Intrepreneurship, listed as one of Brand Communicator’s 40 under 40 women in Marketing & Communications (2021) and also one of 9to5Chick’s Top 100 Career Women In Nigeria for 2021.

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