[Tips] Two Facebook Ads Strategies To Make People Aware Of Your Business

You probably have a great product or service to offer to your target audience. And you’re thinking of creating a Facebook advert to sell it to people you think might be interested in what you have to offer. What kind of campaign objective should you choose? Should you use Traffic, Store Visits or Conversions objective? Depending on the nature of […]

Facebook Ads 101: A Comprehensive Guide To Running Profitable Facebook Ads

You might have heard a lot of success stories of E-commerce guys spending a few hundred dollars and earning tens of thousands in return. It always sounds crazy and mostly unreal, because how exactly did they do it, you wonder. With Facebook Ads, it’s possible to replicate these successful marketers’ techniques so you too can experience an extraordinary ROI! There’s […]

Calculating Email Subscribers Value: How Much Is Your Email List Worth?

If you are collecting emails for an email marketing strategy, you might be wondering how much this email list worth. Email marketing has an extremely high ROI, meaning that you barely have to spend anything in order to start really profiting. But exactly how much is your email list worth? Can you really get “something for nothing” in this way? […]

[Tips] Building Influence & Trust Using Social Media Platforms

Social media is very powerful. You can do and undo if you know how to use the platform right. And the most important thing is, it is FREE. You do not need pay to belong! First of all, who is a social media influencer? A Social Media Influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility in a specific industry. A social media […]