Working Remotely In Nigeria… Tips To Help

‘I have no electricity and generator won’t come on’ ‘My internet has been misbehaving’ All these are some of the excuses workers working remotely in Nigeria give when they are behind schedule. For sometime now, I have been struggling with people working remotely for me. For digital marketing professionals, working remotely should be easy. There are so many tools and […]

Stand For Something Or Stand For Nothing: On Being Socially Conscious, Rape & Violence Against Women

A lot has been happening in the Nigerian society, social issues have sprung up from rape to violence against women and everyone on social media has joined in the conversation. As a marketing and communications strategist, I sat down with some friends to discuss how our major Nigerian brands can play a large role in this conversations and even create […]

Creating Consumer-Centric Digital Strategies

What do we mean by consumer-centric? And our brand’s campaign actually consumer-centric or brand-centric? Today, a lot of consumers are becoming increasingly selective about brands they listen to online in terms of ads (organic and inorganic) and brands that win the major share of voice are those who have been able to put their consumers as priority, create stories they […]

Three Best Scheduling Tools To Help You Save Time On Social Media

Oldie but goodie (posted this on LinkedIn 2017) Social Media Management can be overwhelming if you need to be somewhere doing other important things like strategizing, campaign planning and the likes. Especially if you a social media manager managing multiple accounts or a small agency. How then do you manage your time, keep your platforms updated all the time, while […]