Working Remotely In Nigeria… Tips To Help

‘I have no electricity and generator won’t come on’

‘My internet has been misbehaving’

Working Remotely In Nigeria

All these are some of the excuses workers working remotely in Nigeria give when they are behind schedule. For sometime now, I have been struggling with people working remotely for me.

For digital marketing professionals, working remotely should be easy. There are so many tools and tips to help you automate your work, leaving you with enough time to strategize and do more.

1. Plan Ahead: Have a timetable, with a to-do list for the week. It helps you become more organized and accountable.

2. Get Scheduling Tools: It seems people have stopped using them or do not know about them. You can schedule posts ahead, even up to a year, depending on your plan. Tools like Buffer and Hootsuite have free forever plans to use. Invest in one. If you are managing a WordPress blog, you can also schedule ahead. That function is free.

3. Staying in Nigeria and working remotely, you need at least 3 different networks, that way you have stable internet with peace of mind

4. Always communicate, let your presence be felt, ask questions, research and contribute. That way, your employers know you are reliable, present or not.

What other tips do you have or use? hashtag#digitalmarketing

Tega Edwin-Ajogun

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