Starting A Career In Digital Marketing? Read This!

I have had quite a number of people send me messages indicating their interest in starting a career in digital marketing , what to do and what certifications they need I have compiled a list of courses and websites that would help

Starting A Career In Digital Marketing

1. Google Academy For Ads

a. Google Ads (Sales, Display, Search & Video)

b. Digital Marketing Transformation

c. Google Analytics

Good news, Google Nigeria does a lot of trainings periodically and attendees get to network while earning two core Google Ads Certification -Fundamentals & Video

2. DigitalMarketer

a. Email Marketing

b. Building A Facebook Messenger Bot

c. Online Market Research

3. Hubspot Academy

a. Content Marketing

b. Social Media Certification

c. Growth-Driven Design

d. Inbound Marketing

4. Internet Marketing (

a. Full Digital Marketing Course (

b. Social Media Marketing

c. SEO/SEM (

d. Digital Strategy (

Websites: Neil Patel, SocialMediaExaminer, Hubspot Blog

The courses are free, they only need your time and discipline. One key thing I always tell people is; It is not enough to do these certifications and leave it, you need to practice while learning, that’s what makes digital marketing fun.

You learn something today, you try it out immediately. When you see the results, you are inspired to continue.

So if you are interested in starting a career in digital marketing, practice, volunteer, create something and keep on practicing, remember, luck happens when opportunity meets preparation #digitalmarketing

Tega Edwin-Ajogun

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