Stand For Something Or Stand For Nothing: On Being Socially Conscious, Rape & Violence Against Women

A lot has been happening in the Nigerian society, social issues have sprung up from rape to violence against women and everyone on social media has joined in the conversation.

Busola Dakolo Biodun Fatoyinbo

As a marketing and communications strategist, I sat down with some friends to discuss how our major Nigerian brands can play a large role in this
conversations and even create a campaign around this.

I noticed no Nigerian brand is yet to openly speak out or do a strong campaign against this social vices which is what being a consumer-centric brand involves

Today, a lot of consumers are becoming increasingly selective about brands they listen to online in terms of ads (organic and inorganic) and brands that win the major share of voice are those who have been able to put their consumers as priority, create stories they can easily relate to, align on similar values and be a part of the public conversation.

For example, we have the Nike’s ad that they ran with Colin Kaepernick. Colin has fast become the face of player protests against racial injustice and police brutality. While it may seem that some segment of their TA were against the campaign and burning the Nike items in protest, they realized that having an ad that speaks to the sporting community (represented by a lot of blacks) would cause major controversy, but will also put them in a good light with them, with the black community invested in buying.

It’s a risky strategy, however, after unveiling the ‘Just Do It’ campaign with Colin, according to Edison Trends, Nike’s online sales actually grew 31% as compared with a 17% gain recorded for the same period of 2017.

I see what MTN Foundation is doing with drug abuse and I am sincerely looking forward to see a Nigerian brand tackle the issue of rape and Yahoo-Yahoo in Nigeria. We can not afford to be blind to these things in the society

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